Bedfordshire Cheaters

Bethany Wingfield — Harrold, Bedfordshire

This goes after men in relationships with children,(children she has no interest in).Im better off without my ex in hindsight he nearly sent me mad with his infedelity,lies,emotional abuse but at the time i lovedtruthvery much,but i didnt love me or the person i became as a been with him sinse i was 17 years old,he was the father of my kids.I was lied to for months about it and he continued hsving sex with me whilst he was meant to be with her.He lies to her now,thats why he likes them young easy to control i havent got any closure ill never get the pure truth either so this is my way of getting some.Her gloating attitude,the fact she thinks shes innocent she deserves some of the hurt she caused me and my children.