Becky Little Virginia

Becky Little — Williamsburg, Virginia

So this women was a friend of the cheating husbands father. The couple met her threw a party at his dad’s house and with in a few days she worked her way into his bed. She knew threw the father that the relationship the couple shared for 10 years was struggling threw infertility and that the husband had been with same women since he was a teenager.. She seduce him into affair in the couples home while wife was working..she convinced him not to use protection or pull out.. Dumb on both parties.. But then She then black mailed him into keeping the affair going.. She became crazy and demanded he txt her all the time to make her feel special.. She even bragged about affair to his father.. Idk that’s weird as hell .. & She tried to act like his wife by asking if she could do his house chores like folding his wife’s laundry.. While he take a nap.. She just like tried to completely move in on him.. The couple was not fighting but was deeply depressed about baby thing.. She also used the baby thing to connect and try to become friends with the wife saying she has the same problem ..SHE DONT.. She was just using wife to fish for details to use with husband.. Long story short the husband confessed to wife and then asked the home wrecker to leave him alone.. The wife was hiding and heard both sides during conversation .. As he broke it off and blocked her on phone and Facebook .. Well she didn’t accept it and started stalking him at work and putting notes in his car.. She now is trying to play the victim and telling the wife she don’t deserve to be treated this way and that she’s a good person.. She sees no wrong for what she’s done!! She also refuses to stop going to his job ..