Beckie Knight Nevada

Beckie Knight — Crescent Valley, Nevada

I got skanked on by a business associate who was visiting and basically ruffied me and my man’s response was to give in to this woman, Beckie Knight, who’s own husband left her about a decade ago for his cousin. Joke: if my husband left me for his cousin and nobody petted my pussy for ten years and someone else’s man paid attention to me, I’d be a man-stealing skank wh*re like Beckie Knight, too! He’s been living with her since July 7th and she claims they’ve been in a relationshp since May. His trailer and things are still on my land. She posted a picture of him and her with his dog and one of her like hundred cats (She is called the Cat ‘Lady’ but she’s no Lady! This woman is like a total sociopath because she knows he was my man for the past three years and lived with me and she stole him; but he appears to like living with her because when he comes home I try to get him to move home and rather than talking or working it out he runs away. What does a man-stealing skank wh*re look like? You guessed it: Beckie Knight! And we used to be ‘friends’ and I used to sit sympathetically and listen to her moan about what her husband did to her. No conscience. Bitch. And, yes, he’s to blame and I’m to blame, too. Getting over it but it’s time to out her. YOU DON’T DO THAT TO ANOTHER WOMAN! Desperate man-stealing skank whore!