Becca Freshley Ohio

Becca Freshley — Cleveland, Ohio

This is Becca. She’s every guys dream girl. She goes fishing, shooting and can rip shots. Shes no ordinary girl. Shes every guys fantasy. From her blonde hair down to her “perfect” a$$. Speaking of money, PayPal her all of yours. Because for some reason she thinks shes entitled to YOUR money because shes “pretty and perfect.” If you visit her Instagram, you’ll see how in love she is with…oh herself. If you want her to sit on your truck tire, you gotta pay her. Because for some reason, your truck only looks better when shes squatting in front of it, wide gapped a$$ and all. She only goes to the gym during busy hours so she can get her squats in. Cause that’s all she does. She tweets about how she will be single forever. Ya, cause no man is gonna want someone who shows it off to everyone. She famous. She hot. She got a booty. Shes also fake. She preaches not to bully people but then indirectly insults people, because they aren’t pretty like she is. This girl has nothing going for her. She has no respect for herself. All she will be is a knock off PG13 porn star. What are you without social media…nothing. Having thousands of people talk about you is so much fun now, isnt it?