Beatriz Casagrande New Jersey

Beatriz Casagrande — Parsippany, New Jersey

Beatriz has been wrecking homes for 17 years, and counting. She has destroyed 3 marriages so far (that we know of) and she will never stop. She has a long history of pursuing unavailable men for reasons no one can understand. She recently moved to Parsippany, NJ from Maplewood. We want to make sure everyone in Parsippany is aware of this woman and her propensity to chase after married men. Her boyfriend of the past few years, to whom she is now engaged, has no idea that she was sleeping with 2 men (one of them married, of course) behind his back in 2015 and part of 2016. It is very sad considering the type of example she is setting for her daughters, who are old enough to understand that their mother is dealing with more than one man at a time.