Barbara helpingvictims New York

Barbara helpingvictims – New York

Barbara Camwell is on face book under this guise and is now part of a group on there where she is trying to clear up her BAD name on the internet called: victims of false accusations.The thing is everything about Camwell posted by her VICTIMS is true! Here she is trying to blame Mary Mcgrannahan yet again with what she did and that was using other peoples identities. Racheal Dupres identity has been used by Barbara Camwell to post on Mary here! She has also hacked not one but two of Dupres emails. Read the audacity of this blame-shifting sociopath as she answers this post by a member of that group here:

I don’t consider myself a victim, I’m a survivor. A woman who had never met me has harassed me over the Internet for years. She has called me all sorts of names and that I’m an alcoholic. The person has done this to many. She HAS been exposed and proof of her harassment has been logged. She’s been reported to the atthorities, many times. She continues to this day. She advertises herself as being an abuse counselor. She has many sites and even has a PayPal button, charging $60 an hour. I’m so sick of her antics and want to expose her as her other victims are doing.