Banu Shadikova Widener Cheaters

Banu Shadikova Widener – Canada

Banu Shadikova Widener is a heartless, cheating, and destructive golddigger. She can be found with a simple Google search. Uses aliases sonyaneeds,lookinggoodsony, karinta, banulicious, sonyalicious, Marlile, George, bn_wilber. Uses a age range from 28 to 34. Her pics are many.years old and.the ones that.are not are photo enhancements with her wearing wigs, contacts, etc…she targets the USA and Turkey for people to use, scam. Her favorite sites which she does use multiple profiles include istudio with name of Carmen, datehookup name lookinggoodsony, sugardaddyforme name of karinta, Facebook but like 10 accounts, Skype name banulicious, yonja multiple accounts, Russianeuro multiole accounts George, marlile, banulicious to name a few. Match name of karinta as well. Interracial date using name karinta in Turkey. Wow just too many. Search Google with her name or aliases for all the date sites, adult job sites, sugardaddy and so on. She’s a real winner lol.