Bailey Mattingly Caught Cheaters

Bailey Mattingly Caught – San Diego, California

Last year Bailey Mattingly Caught posted on Instagram that the reason she doesn’t send care packages to the troops overseas anymore is because someone broke into her apartment through a window and assaulted/robbed her. This is not the case!! Bailey has lived in a high rise and forgot that she brags about it. None of the windows are accessible to the public (see attached pic that she posted on Twitter the other day). The reason that she doesn’t send care packages overseas anymore is because her boyfriend found out that she worked at the Bunny Ranch and broke up with her. She created this extreme lie for attention/sympathy after the breakup. Last year around this time she also lied on Instagram and bragged to her ‘haters’ that she bought a house ‘#homeowner’. She still lives in the same apartment building and is dumb enough to post it all over the internet……yikes. The only thing that she obviously bought was lots of groceries & drugs. Bailey tried too hard to be a relevant Hollywood sex symbol but has succumbed to drugs, alcohol, and binge eating for comfort. She looks like a sad drug addict with yellow hair and bad plastic surgery now. Get it together Bailey/Misty/Paisley!!!