Bailey Cleveland Michigan

Bailey Cleveland — Muskegon, Michigan

This is Bailey Cleveland. She lives in Wolf Lake road in Muskegon, Mi. She works for Shape Corp in Grand Haven, Mi as a temp worker through Forge temp service. She is ruining men’s, women’s and children’s lives. She likes to go after married men and break of families. She has no interested in keeping the men around long term, she will Loose one when she finds a new one. She try’s to destroy the wife and children as well. It’s getting hard to watch happen, especially in our work environment. She is nothing more than a whore. She still lives at home with her sister, she does drugs on her lunch break (we have watched her snort things and smoke in her car which she parks on the road off shape property) sits in her black seabring. She is now dating another sucker Glen Mathiak who also works at shape. He has taken him from his family and she’s doing what she can to ruin his life. Wonder who’s next? Watch out ladies this 30 year old child will steal your husband! If you see any sign of her run why you can.