Bailey Brandt Missouri

Bailey Brandt – St. Louis, Missouri

I came first in contact with this drd having spreading sucubuss back in the end of 2016-2017. She’s dated multiple people iv known for years, back in 2014 I had only heard about her. She was runing around spereading drd to everyone I know. I thought i would of never met her but when I did in 2017 She started dating my best friend whose name well call Tim. Well she didn’t tell tim she had drds so she gave it to him. They broke up but he had no idea nor did she ever tell him what she had passed on to him. Then Tim started dating sophia and sophia got it and figured out it was drds. The reason I’m here writing this for all your enertrainment and information is because she is still currently out here trying to date my friends and lie about her incurable diseases and not tell people she has them. Lets avoid this dirty trollop named bailey brandt