Bailee Nissen Nebraska

Bailee Nissen — Weeping Water, Nebraska

My then boyfriend and I had been living together for 7 months and dating for 3 and a half years. I’m one of those people who always has gut feelings, so anyway, I had always had this weird feeling that something was going on between my boyfriend and Bailee Nissen. This girl tried to be my friend many times, I was best friends with her older sister. One night I get up to go to the bathroom I come back and see his phone lit up so I go to the messages. He’s been texting “Blake?” with further reading I find out it is her. They had been telling each other they love each other and they had plans to hang out many times and who knows what else. Long story short I up and left. Weird thing is a week earlier she had messaged me trying to be friends with me and I had agreed to put the past behind m and let things go, all to find out while she was saying that she was with my then boyfriend.