Back at it Rory Harris cheater Texas

Back at it Rory Harris cheater – Texas

He contacted me several times when I had no interest. He didn’t realize that he had already dated and mistreated my friends. Cheater and liar. Filthy disgusting smoker. Hates women. Predator. He messages more than once if he does not get a reply. Perpetual immature bachelor looking to get laid. Tries to run the same games on different women.

What I know about him as that he completely tried to wreck the lives of at least a coupe of women. He is rude on dates. He has been exposed on Ashley Madison. He throws his money around and gifts as if to make a woman think she is different. He cannot buy an ability to actually know how to treat someone. He slept with the wife of at least one of his friends. He had a wife named Brenda who he also cheated on.If you date this person, do not make sacrifices for them or let them take your dreams off track. He is notorious for this because it keeps him being the one with the power. If you date this person, it would be very unwise to actually trust this person. Do not sleep with him without taking sti precautions as he is a very sexually immoral man.

He has domestic violence and assault charges in his history. He has a reputation for gift bombing and generosity in the beginning before he shows his true colors. Trusting this man would be a huge mistake. However, one could take advantage of his lying, gift-bombing , and generosity in the earliest phases by using him the same way that he uses women. However, he isn’t really even worth bothering with that. He will be on dating sites forever. He is a perpetual loser and child.