Aysam Gergis North Carolina

Aysam Gergis – North Carolina

I stumbled across this as I had had enough of my friend’s ordeals with this guy Aysam. Theyre supposedly in a relationship and I couldn’t be happier to express my disgust for him.If you’re happy with quid pro quo relationship with somebody then that’s exactly what Aysam has for you. He’s a mean son of a b**** who doesn’t care less about the woman he “claims” to love.I have had “intervene” in times of crisis to help my sister out while he did and does nothing to aide in a crisis situation either an illness or plumbing situations where my friend needed help for a couple of hours or just needed someone to bsbysit until she felt better or the crisis situation was resolved.

Aysam Gergis Texas

Aysam Gergis – Texas

if you hear an Aysam Gergis careful. You maybe signing up to an unemtinal sex only emotional unavailability dogmatic chaucinistic relationship where is oblivious, unimportant i.e. a thing use; an object.