Award Goes Texas

Jay Ho – Dallas, Texas

This dude doesn’t stop. Kind of sad. The list is endless of the DRD filled industry sluts and their accidental children. From Marie Madore, Brenda Ngo and now being spotted with Stephanie Haertl. These girls have ran through over half of Dallas and guess what who they all have in common….Mr. Fake Fitness wanna be model who shoots steroids and swears by his so called hard work. Steer clear from this dude. Word on the street he will use you until you have given him all you can and bounce to the next b1tch. One can only pray you don’t get the gift that keeps on giving. These girls listed are known for sex with anyone. Abortions as a form of birth control and obviously allow just anyone to watch after their offspring. Girls beware of this dude. Ask any of these girls and they will warn you of his temper which is followed by severe PTSD….