Avi Lasri of Douglas Elliman New York

Avi Lasri of Douglas Elliman – New York

Avi Lasri is an Israeli arch-pervert and m*********** who uses his own a** to sell and rent properties throughout New York City because he has absolutely no talent to close deals without it. So he offers blowjobs and his anus for penetration to wealthy gay landowners and renters and buyers all throughout Manhattan and the Bronx if you buy and rent through him. This is the type of success that has catapaulted Mr Lasri into the Captains Circle at Douglas Elliman brokers in New York where he is “just one of the girls” when it comes to wooing rich men into their world of sex, drugs and real estate. Don’t trust this scumbag however because he is totally racist and will not help blacks, arabs, asians, or latinos in renting properties, as he only works with white and jewish men, and he prefers not to work with woman of any race because he just don’t like vaginas. He has been investigated over and over by Housing & Urban Development and other organizations for racist conduct and behavior towards minorities so please also report him if he shows his true Nazi colors. Avoid this human condom like vaginal discharge if you can – you have been warned.