Ava Candice Miles North Carolina

Ava Candice Miles — Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Let me start off by saying I am not made at her anymore. I accept her for the gold digging opportunist she is. It’s funny how you can share parts of your marital story with someone you think you are safe with only to find out several months later she is trying to date your husband. I met this chick through a mutual friend of ours and several months later this chick is trying to date my husband. As she can see now you were just a temporary play thing who got nothing out the deal. Sorry sweetie you didn’t get the ring you so desperately wanted. All the time Ava you were just a chick he used to help get him through a tough time when I decided to file for divorce. It’s funny how every man you ever dated cheated on you. Maybe sweethearts you are reaping what you sow. As I know and you know as of today, you will never have what I have or get what I have. Get your own husband and leave other women husbands alone. Ladies be careful what you share about the issues in your marriage and who you share it with.