Autumn Hart Texas

Autumn Hart – Dallas, Texas

Autumn hart looks like a fresh young face… but this insecure little girl has fallen for one of the dirty’s Favorites Kris Trevino!!! He’s on here for beating girls and giving them DRDs so you can rest assured miss autumn is already a drd carrier!! Kris isn’t paying child support or even trying to visit poor lyric but is flying autumn to the Versace mansion like it’s nothing all while not being able to leave the state over his newest charges! The state raised the strangulation charges to 2 degree felony, so he’s going away for at least 2 years but had his other charge raised as well to 3rd degree felony! TWO FELONIES AND YOU BELIEVE HIS LIES?? Then you little girl need to be blasted. You are either just as evil as him or the dumbest bitch ever. Collin county posted on their picture letting them know the details of kris court date on ig LOL!! Good luck idiot. Don’t get pregnant cause he doesn’t take care of his kids!!! When he goes to jail others will need to watch out for her she’s now infest with two drds that are NOT CURABLE. Nasty little pixie!!