Australia Tara Bakracevic

Tara Bakracevic — Sydney, Australia

Gold Coast floozy, slept with her best friends bf jasmine and had to run away to Sydney. She now is known as the biggest floozy around. She blackmails, steals credit cards, manipulates everyone into thinking she is poor. Former best friend of Sydney floozy madam Madaz Davis. Who she also used and abused and is no longer friends with. They both went to Dubai for work and Tara herself has multiple sugar daddy’s and spreads her talentless legs around Sydney sleeping with who ever will let her. May everyone be cautious of this child. She’s dangerous and hungry for money. She changed her Instagram name to Taramalena as she’s hiding from her bad reputation

Australia Cheaters

Beware of Trucker Peter Baxter – Melbourne, Australia

This guy I met on eHarmony last November he promised me the world marriage kids I moved to him in June the same time he started f****** another woman he saw for six whole months he put me thru unbearable pain I overdosed twice in five days coz of him and he just walked out the door and left me to die while he went out to his other f*** he was just with me three weeks ago saying I was his world his soulmate he was guna marry me had sex with me stroked my face crying that I was perfect but was f****** around on me the whole time then after he left he turned evil threatening me dumping me like trash and is d Ning everything to his new fiancée I was never living with him never pregnant to him in July he was never here three weeks ago Im a train wreck over this guy I almost jumped off a cliff last night and he’s not even sorry watch out for this scum Melbourne girls

Australia Cheaters

Brendon o’connor – Australia

This man is a fraudulent liar. Has children all over the country and lies about everything from his age, his name, his occupation and even his relationship status. Watch out for him. Warn your friends. He is a frequent on plenty of fish dating site.

Australia Timothy William Cornish

Timothy William Cornish – Australia

Timothy William Cornish – Capel Western Australia, Teacher at Dalyellup College. 7 year relationship and this low life starting dating someone else and cheating while I was in hospital recovering from a broken leg. What an arsehole.

Australia Women Bashing Cheating Narsactis

Women Bashing Cheating Narsactis – Australia

Dont date this guy. He will try to destroy you by insults beatings and lies. He will try to turn your friends and family against you. He’s a massive looser!!!

Australia Shawn Douglas Myers Jessep (aka Jess Jessep)

Shawn Douglas Myers Jessep (aka Jess Jessep) – Australia

Shawn Douglas Myers Jessep (aka Jess Jessep) is a con artist who lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has used and abused many women with his lies and serial cheating. Shawn Jessep’s tactics are always the same. He befriends you and tells you a sob story and then manipulates you into giving him money. He tells you stories that seem incredible and yet you somehow believe. These stories include that he is a Gulf War veteran, disaster relief worker, cancer survivor, child abuse survivor, is suffering from a medical condition and needs money to pay for an operation, needs money for his children, etc. Shawn Jessep then pretends to be in love with you but the whole time he is cheating on you with other women. You suspect something is not right but when you confront him, he always has an explanation. And you want to believe him because he seems like a decent guy.


Thomas Allan Carter – Australia

It was a while ago and I’m still with him but fu** it still hurts. He slept with a mutual friend (Sarah Fimmel) and then kept talking to her over facebook. He’s talked to a few other girls too. This is his last chance, I’m tired of hurting.

Australia Ron Pennekamp

Ron Pennekamp – Brisbane, Australia

Pathological liar and serial cheater.

Australia Jason Seach

Jason Seach – Melbourne, Australia

Frequents the Dorset and porn websites tells girls he is in love with them whislt telling others he doesn’t know you cheats emotionally manipulative consistently lies about everything hangs around lilydale Croydon Ringwood areas

Australia Mark Prestige

Mark Prestige – Melbourne, Australia

I am one of a number of girls now who Mark has fooled to think he is a loving partner, and even proposed to, when he is infact seeing other people. He totally fabricates stories about where he is sending pictures and detailed of accounts of trips away when he is with the other woman. I am very relieved to be away from him.