Austin Mitchell Cheaters

Austin Mitchell – Montreal, Canada

Meet Austin Mitchell, the trashiest Mom in Montreal! This lowlife pothead smoked a bong and boozed up the entire 9 months while she was pregnant and it resulted in a kid that has severe mental retardation! She would leave her kid, who could barely crawl,, for hours alone in an apartment that housed rats and rescue animals alike, so she could sit outside her building and smoke joints and forget she even had a kid! Hoping he would still be alive and unscratched after she was over her pot filled escapades! When her baby daddy finally had enough of this loser, that wouldn’t shower, cook or clean, and kept her place hazardous for their kid, she went on to beg him to take her sorry ass back, because she knew no one else would accept her in her true colors. When her baby daddy moved on with a classier chick, her inner racist came out and the “N” word became her word of choice. She knows that when the time comes, if her kid has enough mental ability in his future years, that he would find out how his own mom fuked him up for life so she could abuse pot and alcohol! Someone call CPS on this nasty sh1t, thank heavens the courts gave baby daddy half custody or that kid wouldn’t stand a chance. She only wanted full custody so she could use the government money she gets for him to support her habits, she calls him her pot slush fund!