Audra Skalada Cheaters

Audra Skalada — San Diego, California

So this woman said she worked three jobs. One of them was with my boyfriend. They had each other numbers due to work and she always texted him things like “whats up buttercup” and different flirtatious texts. She liked him and always bothered him at work for stupid irrelevant shit. And eventually started talking to him about stuff other than work and they got on a friendly basis. She is like 30 and he was 21. He is a regular pot smoker so she started bring weed to work to get his attention. She started selling it at work since she is so broke. She would always try to snap pictures with him. Well she got his attention with the weed. I was pregnant at the time and she knew she was causing problems but she continued with her retarded behavior. He is also a lying piece of shit who sold his loyalty out for some bud. Pathetic. Even more pathetic is the fact that they wouldn’t own up to it when everyone at their job knew they were fucking. Screw them both.