Ashley Way Georgia

Ashley Way — Guyton, Georgia

Watch out for Ashley Way or Ashley Nicole Way. Plays the target to try to attract family men. She never ever found out anything concerning self-regard!

Ashley Way Texas

Ashley Way — Dallas, Texas

No regard, care, or class. She knew my boyfriend and I have been together for two years, she was talking about it and constantly pushing and persuading him (I saw the messages). She drove to the bar across town, picked up my boyfriend, took him back to her apartment, sucked him off, and had sex with him. She is a pig and should feel ashamed. Can’t commit to relationship, only has “f*ck buddies” so she likes to get between other people’s relationships. Gets off on having another girl’s boyfriend’s cock inside her. She showed no remorse for her actions. So sad, so disgraceful. She should feel ashamed of herself.