Ashley Tate Ohio

Ashley Tate — Canal Winchester, Ohio

My husband and I have had a rough two years. We separated once, reconcilied, had a misscarriage and then I was dealing with beginning stages of cervical cancer. During that time my husband, 33, was working PT at Home Depot, where he met and started talking to Ashley Tate, 21. I first discovered her emailing him videos of her singing and playing music. I thought it was weird and was uncomfortable with it. I asked him about it and he played it off like it was nothing. My woman intuition told me this wasn’t ‘nothing’ and it continued to sit on the back of my mind for the next several months. In May of 2016 my 13 year old daughter caught them snapchatting. When I asked him about it, he denied it. Thats when I looked into our phone bill…her number was on there every night after I was in bed and the calls were lasting hours. On July 3rd, I called her number, she answered and I heard him laughing in the background, I hung up. I texted her and asked her why she was calling my husband, no answer. My husband was trying to convince me they were just friends, I wasn’t buying it. She finally responded and said they were just friends, that she would never begin a relationship with a married man and she apologized for causing uneasiness, she also told me she was a virgin and a church girl. I asked her to keep her distance, and she agreed. However, my daughter insisted they were still snapping each other so I hired a private investigator, sure enough, they were sneaking out to meet each other among other things while him and I were still very much together. Now, I’m not naive, he has just as much fault as she does. However, if you’re 21 and know a man is married with 2 children, be respectful and leave him alone. She has helped destroy a 15 year relationship and turned my children’s lives upside down. What she doesn’t realize is that he’s still living in our house and sleeping with his wife. Yes, I still love him and want things to work out! Find your own man, Ashley…you’re a kid playing an adult game.