Ashley Tamposi New Hampshire

Ashley Tamposi — Hudson, New Hampshire

Ashley Tamposi is is a multiple family home wrecker. Hold on to your husbands ladies…she’s a bartender at Unos in Nashua on Amherst Street and she’s listening to your husbands bitch about you right now. She nearly ruined a marriage and young family at the beginning of the year and she won’t stop at that; she prefers a married man. She comes from money, her decades deceased grandfather made a name for himself that her white trash family is dragging threw the mud. Her mother Cynthia likes to participate in the bashing of wives that Ashley is trying to take down. It’s a family of homewreckers. She’s recently broke up a marriage and the man has 3 kids and a beautiful wife. They are trying to keep it a big secret but it will be out soon. Shame on you Tramposi. You should stay away from married men.