Ashley Robins Cheaters

Ashley Robins — Antioch, California

I’ve been married to my husband for a little over 2 years. His whole dimeiner changed about a year ago. Not coming home. Being real secretive about countless things, including his phone. Getting caught in lies and all he would say is, “im not doing anything wrong.” Well finally, i decided enough is enough and started playing his dumb ass game. Lol well lets just say he isnt as slick as he thought. I ended up finding multiple text messages between him and this hoe, Ashley. Saying how she wants to be with him, she loves him, he makes her smile when they are together. One nite i called his phone cause he didnt come home. Well he accidentally answered it and i sat there for 34 minutes listening to him and her laugh conversate. Talk about how they were going to be together when he drops me. I was shocked. Cause i was hearing it with my own ears. I loved this man unconditionally. Went through two miscarriages with him. Just to be cheated on and embarrassed in the most f***** up way. Please post this msg. In hopes other women will learn from it. (Come to find out this is the same dirt bag hoe that ruined a friend of mines marriage right before she ruined mine.