Ashley Raposo Cheaters

Ashley Raposo — Hamilton, Canada

This girl is the queen of trash she thinks she’s better than everybody. She literally went to school at Mohawk and was drunk every single day and high on pepsi. Her own mother didn’t even want her so she gave her up to the neighbor. No wonder she’s so messed up. Her family literally sits there and talks so bad amongst one another and she’s right in the middle of it causing all the drama. I used to be really good friends with her until she started sleeping with my boyfriend behind her boyfriend’s back. That was the last straw. She’s nothing but a no-good wannabe perfectionist. But we see right through it her mom was a crackhead and so is she. She’s nothing but trash legitimate trash. So when are you going to come clean to cheating on Justin, Ashley? All those times you told him you were going to work at the airport when really you were sleeping with your boss. You disgust me you’re nothing but a waste.