Ashley Priscilla Nuñez Georgia

Ashley Priscilla Nuñez — Atlanta, Georgia

This is Ashley and I’d liked to expose her for being a Homewrecker… (This took place in California) She went after my baby daddy and they were together for about 2 months.. I never argued, fought or claimed him back. Yet this little whore would call me to tell me that he still loved me and to take him back because she could tell he still loved me and that he missed me. She would also call me to let me know that he didn’t have money to take her out.. They ended their affair/romance and soon after she was contacting his family that she was pregnant but didn’t need his help. Why? Because she was never pregnant and she had her man Leonel back in Georgia waiting for her.. Long story short… I truly believe in KARMA Leonel ended up cheating on her so she decided to get with an older man than her who she happened to use only for his money and not even a 1 yr later she got engaged to Jose Cruz Morales. Yes she can’t be without a man to support her. Poor guy feel sorry for him. God bless his soul.