Ashley Lourance Missouri

Ashley Lourance — St. Louis, Missouri

Ashley Lourance is a racist , homophobic , lying , theif who does nothing but sit around doing drugs and robbing people , including her friends and family . Neither her , nor her boyfriend have actual jobs or do anything productive in order to afford things and survive , besides stealing money for drugs . Her only methods of income are selling drugs , mostly fake; and as mentioned before , robbing . She has claimed she was raped and assaulted by multiple different people . Specifically one of the people she claimed had raped her and assaulted her , was a situation that happened at my house . She was drunk , they were making out and she passed out , he then left . The person is bosnian . She is EXTREMELY racist towards bosnian/muslim people , not only saying sh1t about their nationality but also their religion . She is constantly using Racist and Homophic slurs , like the N word and the F word . She also got ran thru by a whole friend group of guys within a less than a month long period ? Thts the Tea ? ON EVERYTHING I LOVE !!