Ashley Laurel Horley Scotland

Ashley Laurel Horley – Scotland

Omg! This one the SISTER of the other PSYCHO Lyndsey lee horley is another BIG mouthed ( like her size ) psycho ######… who has an opinion on everything apparently who even feels the need for some reason to slate a very HAPPY COUPLE WITH A BEAUTIFUL BABY SON …tge problem is the whole family cannot believe that people desperate and do move on to find better in their lives but then again some can’t eg..these two freaks!!!The whitelaws aka horleys!!anyway the fact if the matter is that they can’t move on in their own lives very obsessed people with a fantastic man who has know extremely happy and loving relationship with a well educated sensible woman who has her priorities straight and thinks of children before anyone maybe this family should …poor child involved in that!!! Grow up and move on concentrate on your own lives even though they must be soon boring … thanks for entertaining us though ?lol x