Ashley Kennedy Pennsylvania

Ashley Kennedy — Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

To my surprise this low self esteem ex homeless stripper slut had the nerve to knowingly be sleeping with my long term BF turned fiancé for 1.5yrs. Once married he attempted to break it off and she continued to call and tempt him letting him know that she was perfectly fine with him being married and they continued screwing around for another 2 years, until I was in the hospital giving birth to our 1st child.

She decided to Facebook me and let me know everything because wait… She felt disrespected. Really!!! She told me she was ok with it just being Her and I, but now believes he’s messing with other women and her feeling are hurt. So Beware… SHE IS A DISGUSTINGLY REPUGNENT LOW LIFE WHORE WHO WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO BEING ANYTHING,BUT SOME MARRIED MAN’S SECRET DIGGING HOLE.