Ashley Heinz Cheaters

Ashley Heinz — Sacramento, California

This chick right here is the epitome of slut. She’s been making her way through the Carmichael and Sacramento area for a decade sleeping with every guy that’ll get her drunk or buy her dope. She can’t hold a job or take care of her self, so all she’s ever done is leech off of her grandmother, welfare, and multiple guys she easily gives it up. Some poor dumb schmuck even impregnated her not once, but twice, and since she’s been a mommy, Smashley has done nothing but have a slew of scumbags around her kids, get addicted to meth, and use her kids like pawns to lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate the system to keep their father out of their lives. Her new boyfriend Will Gevara is a trashy deadbeat dophead, and like all of her other boyfriends, hides behind Lil Miss Heinz’s restraining and helps keep those poor children fatherless. All she does is constantly dump her kids off so she can smoke meth and get drunk like a piece of garbage. If any of you see Smashley around town pretending to be a good mother with her tweaker boyfriend and other druggie friends, give her the business and let her know how trashy she truly is…