Ashley Gary

Ashley Gary

This one has tried to portray herself as a golden child. The fact is, she was supposedly a “bookkeeper” for
this married guy’s business and ended up keeping more than just the books. She lured him into her home
wrecking world and they led for divorce from their spouses that they had children with within just a few
days of each other. She suddenly found herself interested in everything her cheating boyfriend did too.
She got a new boob job, hair extensions, tan, and she loves an Instagram lter (which she needs
desperately) Fact is, she’s old, worn out, crooked tits, and is just looking for money. She’s been poor most
of her life and nally found someone with a wallet. She lives in a house that looks mildewed on the outside,
so one can imagine what the rest may be like. Her poor ex-husband was so shocked, because she was
screwing both of them at the same time. She is a gold digging raging b1tch who has no problem fuking a
married man with a wife and children at home. Watch out ladies, if you’ve got a man with more that $20
she will be screwing him too! And everyone in town will know what kinda bitch she will be if she doesn’t
have some pocket change.