Ashley Dominguez Illinois

Ashley Dominguez – Illinois

the girl i talk abt is ashley dominguez from streamwood illinois…dont believe a word this girl says…she is a hibitual liar…if u dont buy her diamond rings and watches and such u are no good for her…she will always be looking for someone who can give her more of those things…thought she loved and cared for me cause thats what she told me but it all turned out to be a lie at the end when when i found out she was with her ex….when i met her she lied right in front of me to him on the phone tellling him she wasnt with a guy…i asked her abt it and she said “its over i just dont wanna fight with him”…i shoulda known right from then that i shoulda kicked her a** to the curb…this is the kinda girl who only cares abt herself and what she can get out of anyhting….so u all have been warned..go there at your own risk