Ashley Daniels Colorado

Ashley Daniels —Denver, Colorado

The second time I met up with this trash bag, she did come with her 4 year old in the house. A couple months later she called me at 2am to come over. During an first stages of the late night booty call(before sex) this trash bag out herself for being a complete skank. She drunkenly mentioned that the door man must think she is a slore because she has a new random guy coming over every night. While very inebriated, she accused me of telling some random person that we were “just fuking”, it is not my style to talk about my sexual activities with anyone(especially a complete strange). When I called her out, her friend chimed in to say ” you spoke to him in German and were in the military.” The problem: I don’t speak German and have never been in the military. Turns out she kicked some dude to the curb hours before I got there. Dodge the DRDs, dodge the drama.