Ashley Dammeyer Nevada

Ashley Dammeyer — Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been told by a friend that she did this to… Ashley Dammeyer pretends to be a working professional and strikes up a mundane conversation on Facebook with men she works with. Then starts flirting with them, sending photos of herself, lots of heart emojis kisses blah blah blah. You would think any self respecting mother of a young boy would learn to keep her hands off of men that are clearly in a relationship, but nope! If your man works in the computer tech industry in Vegas beware cause this girl is looking for a baby daddy! Oh by the way, as I understand it, she is super fond of private messages that disappear after a certain amount of time. She will initiate a private conversation about work then start sending risqué pictures of herself and apologize saying she meant to sent that to her boyfriend. Basically, just looking to see if anyone will take the bait. Oh yeah she does have a boyfriend already, poor bastard, guess she is just looking to move on up!