Ashley Cox North Carolina

Ashley Cox — Highpoint, North Carolina

Her name is Ashley cox. She used to work for my husband. She knows my husband was married. She started seduce my husband when he start to made money. She was a seperated with her husband at that time. My stupid husband moved her in our town pay her rent and a car. Her son was 12, and my son was 12. Then she transfered her son in to my son’s school and put him to same home room used my address. It happened only 3 months real quick. Later I found out they rode school together as if they were a family according to the school people. I found this on her Facebook she proudly posted “married man got me pregnant.” I seperated with my husband right a way when I found out. She is originally from SC,she didn’ know the law in NC that I could sue her. Late she moved out from that house so I cannot sue her. Bitch close your leg to the married man. You left the crucial evidence on the face book yourself with my husband. Now you say that be lied to you. No one believe you. KARMA IS ON THE WAY BE READY!!