Ashleigh Hannah Louisiana

Ashleigh Hannah — Denham Springs, Louisiana

Ladies and gentlemen, slores and pervs, for your viewing pleasure we present Ashleigh Hannah. Don’t let this saucy little tart’s innocent and homely looks fool you. Underneath that bland and unattractive exterior lies the heart of a true HOMEWRECKER, a tramp with no morals or conscience. This pale snake not only enticed my friends husband but she did it and after babysitting their small children in their family home. It seems that nothing may be off limits as she foolishly toyed with the thought that a man over twice her age would give up a home, life and children to be with someone with ZERO moral character simply because she provided him with tasteless naked pictures of herself and some vadge. It was only after she decided to devote her well used labia to unholy matrimony that she came clean about her demented endeavors. Folks watch out for this one… she is young but a rookie to the game she is not. This is no common floozy so cling tightly to your husbands when she is around and for the love of everything sacred, do not let her near your children.