Ashland Sky Florida

Ashland Sky — Ocklawaha, Florida

Just come of age a young mother who instead of taking care of her own child as she doesn’t have custody would rather keep married men from their own families. She will claim to be a woman for women would never betray a sister especially over a man.Bull shit. She has sent nude photos and videos to multiple married men. She will flaunt and use her sexuality to get whatever she can from any man regardless of relationship status or if it may break his childrens hearts. Two faced, manipulative, skanky ass h** is all you will get. Nothing but an empty wrapper deviod of morals, values and intelligence. Wear heavy makeup and uses tons of filters to conceal. Don’t be fooled under all that make up is a meth looking she dog. Every one from the janitors to the doctors in the hospital she works has taken a turn. She’s had multiple abortions and STD’s. She goes out of town to get treated so people in her town don’t find out.