Asal Khairolomour Cheaters

Asal Khairolomour — Canoga Park, California

This woman was an active member on Arab Lounge, She made my fiance leave me for him. She spent all his money, became his “assistant”, drained his pockets dry. she was dating about 4 arab men at the same time and escaped Iran to find a “rich” American arab as she stated to her office friends. She is a gold digger, devious, a liar, a cheater and a snake. She is about 37 and lies about her age. She says she is 32. She has dating all of Arab Lounge and will continue stealing men and their money. She is a dirty woman. Fake eyes, fake hair, all makeup, and did liposuction treatments. She is like a bat out of hell and not to be trusted. Her mother is in on the gold digging and quite appalling. She is not 32, but more 37-39 range. Beware of “ashley” or Asal Mour. She changed her full name to avoid owning up to her gold digging of arab men. Steer clear of her.