Arquelio (Art) Munoz Texas

Arquelio (Art) Munoz — Austin, Texas

Arquelio Munoz aka Art Munoz is apparently ashamed of his Afro-Carribean Puerto Rican heritage so he uses an alias, Art Munoz, and poses as an Italian-Spanish American. Arquelio was in the US Army for a few months back in 1990 but quickly claimed a PTSD 100% disability and has been receiving $3000 a month from the US taxpayer for 26 years despite being fully able to work. To pass the time, Arquelio is a barfly at the local Whole Foods Market where he met a married Mom in distress, my wife. Despite knowing that she was married for 14 years and the mother of boys 8 and 12, he pursued this Mother and Wife relentlessly. Taking advantage of her undiagnosed bipolar disorder and alcohol problem, he engaged in an 8 month long sexual and emotional affair with this woman in distress. Not long after the discovery of her affair with Arquelio, she attempted suicide twice and was committed to a mental institution. Her children were ripped out of their schools in Austin and lost the only home they had ever know. Little did this Mom know that Arquelio has a violent criminal history. He has been convicted of Assault with Bodily Harm, Family Violence. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, DWI, illegal possession of a weapon, and more. Aquelio’s affair with this married woman resulted in her being divorced and losing everything. The children are scarred. Arquelio is a homewrecker. Don’t be like Arquelio Munoz.