Armond Pierce Florida

Armond Pierce — Orlando, Florida

Hello, world my name is Armond pierce. I am 35 years old and I live in Atlanta GA but I’m from Eufaula Alabama. I’m a teachers assistant at fern bank elementary. As of right now, iam married with 5 kids and one of my kids I had with someone outside of my marriage. Me, my wife Kellie and my kids are unstabled my mom takes care of me and my wife and kids because my job doesn’t pay enough. She pays for my cell phone bill, and all my car expenses. I’ve been living a lie for too long and I want to come clean to the world on what I’ve done to my family and to an innocent people that didn’t deserve this. First of all, I would like to start off saying that I armond levar pierce have been cheating on my wife Kellie for about five years now with multiple women. I also have unprotected sex with them. Which brings me back to the woman I impregnated that I’ve been dating on and off for 4 years. I lied to my wife about her and about the baby because I did not want her to know what horrible husband I am. I fell in love with this woman I impregnated and lied to her about numerous of things. She was under the impression I was a single man with one child. I lied to her about being married, what I do for a living, my age, my kids, and about my living situation. I told her I was going to get a divorce not to be with her or my wife but just to be by myself. I recently made a police report against this woman I impregnated because she became FURIOUS after her finding out more lies that I told my wife about her and my mom about her. I denied our child to them (knowing its my child) and also denied even dealing with her like that. I had no intentions of telling them the truth and the whole time telling my wife and her two VERY different things. Although I knew the REAL reason why she became so angry all of a sudden but I lied to the police officer and told him she became angry because she believed I was going to leave my wife for her and because I broke up with her and cut off all contact with her. I also said that she was going to hurt my wife when she NEVER SAID any OF THIS I was just trying to make myself look like a victim, she did say A LOT OF THINGS OUT OF ANGER AND THREATEN ME and harassed and overwhelmed me with calls and VM and texts. But I knew I drove her to that point when I been lying to her for years and didn’t give her an opportunity to be with someone else that wasn’t married and didn’t have 4 kids because I lied to her. I also didn’t give her a choice to choose rather or not she wanted to be with a married man with 4 kids knowing I was married and couldn’t give her what she wanted. I deserve all whats coming to me. Because I’m still lying to my wife and family about her and my child, I lead her on to think I was one guy and was a totally different person. I haven’t helped her out with nothing or been there for my child. I have actually done nothing but make her look like a random slut that I don’t care about to my wife. When I know that is a lie. But I’m such a coward and a dead beat I barely take care of my kids because I don’t want to get a better paying job. I do not take care of my kids and I talk to my wife horribly…. I do not know who I’ve become I work with kids but I don’t feel that their safe around me because I’m bi-polar. I can barely take care of myself. My mom pays for my cell phone bill and she gives me money, my wife thinks I’m going to change but I’m not ready to stop being a man hoe. I do it to her because she allows me to shes talked to A LOT of woman shes caught with me over the phone and knows him having sex with other woman and were in two long term relationships but once again she decides to deal with it. I know I can do anything to her hell possibly bring her back an std and she will still never leave me. Kellie I’m so sorry for being a dead beat husband and for lying to you about having a baby with someone else. and still lying to you, you don’t deserve it. I’m just a low down dog. I’m a liar and cheater, and bad husband and dad. I intentionally got this woman pregnant I ejaculated in her so many times because I wanted her to have my child and I didn’t break up with her she broke up with me, because she found out I was married and I wanted to keep having sex with her and wanted her to accept me being married she then cut off contact with me, I also told her I was only with my wife because I felt sorry for her and stayed so long for the kids and how I intend on divorcing her when I help her get her license.

I told her I wasn’t in love with her or fiscally attracted to her. And how I wasn’t so affection to her because I wasn’t into her like that anymore. I told her that my wife begged me to love on her and make love to her and show her affection and she’ll accept the fact I’m about to have a baby with someone else. I ruined this young girl life I just got her recently locked up over some FALSE accusations!! Because she took me back to court for child support. I know I don’t take care of my child and I have not seen him twice out of his whole life. I even got my wife pregnant just so she could feel better about me having a child outside of our marriage. I even told my other child mom that I did not want to have the child with her but it just happened. And now I’m settling with my wife because I don’t want to leave her and pay child support for all the kids I have with her. I also have engaged oral sex with this woman outside of my marriage NUMEROUS of times. And begged her the last time I saw her have sex with me, and I got mad when she didn’t. I didn’t show the police my text messages because I didn’t want him to see all that I’ve done to this woman after knowing she lost her mom last year, and I’ve been treating her like shit during her whole pregnancy. And not telling everybody the REAL truth on why shes reacting the way she’s reacting. I have made her seem like the crazy psycho person that’s just upset because I broke it off with her and stop talking to her. But really and truly every time we talk she calls me things that I know I am and speak the truth and I cant stand to hear it so I coward my self out. And the fact that she’s not willing to have sex with me and I’m still married. I have done nothing but hurt this woman and lie to her and betray her and most importantly took advantage of her. I like young girls. And that’s one of the reasons why I lied to her about my age. She feels better than my wife when it inside her. See what I mean? I cant resist myself but I still won’t admit it because I’m a coward and it hurts, to tell the truth. I pray that god will change me from lying so much. But I need help. and I want to stop lying. I’m a coward ass guy and I want the world to know. Thanks for reading my story. I just wanted, to tell the TRUTH for once. I PRAY EVERYONE SEES THIS IS ATLANTA, GA AND EVEN THE WORLD.