Arlington Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams, Arlington – Texas

To all you ladies in and around Arlington ,Tx. Beware of Marshall Williams. He is from Mississippi. He is 47 years old has 4 baby mamas and as soon as he uses you and pulls you down he will without warning leave you. He searches for women who have their own and is stable. He also has a wife who he walked away from and is not and will never divorce her. He will only work a job for a little while. His passion is buying cars. He will borrow from you and think you have forgotten. Do not get tied up with this guy. He is now with a lady who has her own home because he can’t get his own place. He will do enough just to stay there. If you see this please run before he breaks your heart. He is a Narcissistic individual. He lied to me, cheated and thought nothing about it.