Arkansas He broke my heart

He broke my heart – Arkansas

I believed he loved me. He works out of town and is home for only 2 weeks every month if that. he just wanted sex and a good time while he was off work. I found him on date sites picking up other women right after we had sex

Arkansas Jacqueline Kostecki

Jacqueline Kostecki – Arkansas

Jackie is a serial cheater. She cheated on her ex husband several times while she was active duty with a loser call kedrien.she left her husband for that pos who ended cheating on her with several females.she even suck kedrien friends d***

Arkansas Rhonda Wofford

Rhonda Wofford – Arkansas

I’m exposing Rhonda Wofford she been having affair with my DAD. If that not bad enough she has the nerve to bust out my moms head lights and cut tires on her car. I been leaving the posting on social media sites to my younger sister. But after my sis sent me a screenshot of this THOT posting on social sites talking about my mother full on war is what’s she gets. This trick 45 years old and u think she be to old for the hoer ish. My dad admitted to the affair with this hoer. The parents went to Hawaii for their anniversary and my mom posted on Facebook and I guess the word got out to hoer. She cut the tires on my mom car and busted out the tail lights. This crazy hoe has a hair salon in little rock, AR Shear Illusions. The name says it all illusions that my dad would leave his wife for you. As my lil sis says be aware of this hoe. She likes married men one you ladies sitting in her chair having small talk she be laying up your man next. I’m a stylist myself so I know when clients get comfortable they start talking. Ladies don’t trust this woman she trying her best to destroy my parents marriage. My dad was wrong to we know that. Most women try stay out way of wife, this one trying to be wife. Crazy delusional desperate is what Rhonda Wofford is.

Arkansas Joe Cedillo

Joe Cedillo – Arkansas

Joe Cedillo is the BIGGEST cheater in the AR River Valley. He’s only married to Brandy Burkett-Cedillo because of her families money. He was with me for a very long time, we worked together at the airport, then he got with her sister, got with someone that she worked with, got with a couple of cheer moms and he tried to get with one of his best friends wives. He will touch them inappropriately and he does not know the meaning NO or STOP when I woman’s says it. He needs to be stopped. 479-462-7957 please do not get trapped or be alone with this man

Arkansas She is a cheater and lier

She is a cheater and lier – Arkansas

Caught cheating. When I went to the lake to go fishing. And she still denied it when. She was caught red handed

Arkansas Samantha Blaylock

Samantha Blaylock – Arkansas

Samantha is vp of bank of little rock she is a liar and thief look at her reviews! I caught her sending my husband nude pics ! We have children ! Shes a drunk and a w**** I made my husband get tested and he came back positive with an std ..The only person he said he was with was Samantha ..I seen the vulgar pics shes very pretty with clothes on but naked she looks disgusting she had weight loss surgery 100# of loose nasty skin hanging everywhere ..I’m getting a divorce beacuse of her ..She knew he was married yet didnt care ibsen how she embezzled 70 thousand dollars from her disabled mother how can a thief and a liar and a drunk be in the bankinking industry the owners of the bank still employee her after stealing from her mother what she admitted and sleeping with customers ..she goes by samantha blaylock martindale or calvert fron the Bryant Benton little rock area

Arkansas Kevin Weisinger

Kevin Weisinger – Arkansas

Married, living with wife but on many dating websites.

Arkansas Marisol Perez

Marisol Perez – Arkansas

On January 9 of Chris Haggard left his family got a place and started to see my wife Marisol Perez who lives in Paragould Arkansas.I found out through Facebook,coworkers,and friends and his own wife. They are both married he even took her to a church that not more then a week ago before he took his family too. He is a narcissist, a minister down right scum bag who goes after married and single women to get off his own needs then dumps them for the next victim.Marisol Perez is a cold-hearted souless women who only thinks for herself this man would have done something to her daughter if given the chance he devastated his wife kids. Because of the reputation this man has for infidelity so does my wife for her actions paragould,Manila, Blytheville have all taken pictures of them together and was given to his wife and to me. Disgusting! I don’t ever want her to forget what she has done to me or to herself this man has taken her dignity her reputation her self-worth away from her.She got busted! And here is the picture to prove it! You reap what you sow!!!

Arkansas Nikki Hughes

Nikki Hughes – Arkansas

This uneducated c** dumpster has THREE bastard children she which she has abanded. Lies to others about having had cancer in search of sympathy. Cheated on her military husband. Believes she has been wronged when she has done the same and much much worse.

Arkansas Van Glosson

Van Glosson – Arkansas

I paid a black dude named Van Glosson $100 on the suggestion of my wife to rake the leaves in my backyard. My wife Paula Kay Daly Lewis could’nt keep her eyes off him the entire day. He only did half the job, got all the money and then I discover she had been having an affair with him. This joker is fresh outta a 9 year prison term. I am divorcing her Jungle Fever a**. So, guys don’t let black guys you don’t know work in your yard if you have a pretty wife. She maybe an under-cover black man lover