April Strasser Maryland

April Strasser — Fort Wayne, Indiana

My dear friend from college just told us about all her worthless husband has put her the last couple of years. He had been screwing around with this whore of a woman from work while my friend was at home pregnant and caring for their two other children. The dirty skank knew she was pregnant. We now know what kind of “man” he is but what kind of “woman” does that to another woman? My friend never told us what was going on until after their baby was born and the less-than-a-man has abandoned his wife and children to dick around with this “side piece” of trash. We have found out a little more about this woman and apparently she has a history of walking through life with her legs wide open to get what she wants. I and our other friends love our lady and she is the last person who deserved to be treated with such disrespect. Our friend has a solid reputation of loyalty and caring for others. She has been there for so many of us in our times of need so we will make it our mission to stand up for her. Karma is a bitch and this woman has some coming her way for what she has done. He will get his too.