April Brisson Cheaters

April Brisson — Winnipeg, Canada

So this Michael Jackson looking girl thinks she is all that and more. She calls herself this amazing mom yet every night and most of the day my kids can hear her yelling five different guys names of who the dad is to her baby. She is in to reading cards but yet they never seem to tell her who the dad will be to her baby. Im sure the whole universe is tired of hearing her say who the dad is depending on who she likes at that moment in time. As a mom myself of a few kids I never told a guy I liked he was the dad if he wasnt. I wish she would stop yelling at her kids all day and night so people could sleep and do things in peace and quiet. Every time we are over their for drinks all she wants to talk about is who she thinks her baby daddy is. Funny if I went their everyday she would come up with a new name every time. This is why housing has a bad reputation. Hopefully one day she grows up and knows we all have lives too and dont just want to hear about her Maury Povich you are not the father episodes. She does look like Michael Jackson. She has so many baby daddys and collects a welfare cheque and says what does my ex see in other woman. Perhaps a life and a job.