Apple Lacida Philipines

Apple Lacida — Iligan City, Philippines

Apple Lacida knew the guy she’s communicating with is married with kids. Yet, she still continued to have relationship with this guy. When the guy went home to the Philippines to bury his mom’s boyfriend, they met up and were together the whole night right after the burial. Way to comfort a grieving man huh? The wife of the guy didn’t go coz she was left in Guam with the kids. It is also well known to the guys that really know her, that she contacts guys(even married ones, obviously) from other countries and flirts with them and sometimes offer a “great” time if they come home to the Philippines. For money or just for pleasure?… I don’t know. But just warning everyone of this woman, APPLE LACIDA, if you ever read this, YOU ARE DEFINITELY A HOMEWRECKER!!