Antwon D Hobbs Ohio

Antwon D Hobbs – Ohio

Ladies I bout ta tell something that I hope u listen to cuz I jst got finish darting a dude name Twon but he goes by da name Casper n he lied ta me bout being married n den lied ta me bout having kids plus he lied too me about our whole relationship n we suppose ta been together since May of last year den lied too his wife about me n we was suppose too be friends but we was still sleeping together n he wanted too bring her too my house n ta stay wit me nd he cheated o her with another chick other then me den want to ask me for money all the time saying u suppose ta go to work well right now he’s not working so don’t fall for dat n how he single but his bm is black mailing h ta merry her so she won’t file don’t fall for dat or I need some money too get my scripts aka some medications don’t fall for that either n he looks like this