Antonio Aaron Gutierrez Texas

Antonio Aaron Gutierrez — Dallas, Texas

If you see this guy Antonio Aaron Gutierrez on any Dating App. Do not speak to him!! I repeat do not speak to him !!! He has become so obsessed and we’ve never met in person. Barely even spoke over the phone. I regret giving him my telephone number!!! He’s completely delusional. I didn’t want to continue a relationship with him. He’s threatened to post my pictures on the internet and continues to degrade me. Calling me names like WH*RE. He calls and messages from several different numbers, I block them, and another pops up! He even created two Facebook accounts to message me on there. He’s only 26 years old, no children THANK GOD and believes he’s God’s gift to women and that I completely betrayed his trust. I don’t know how… since we had never laid eyes on eachother and only spoke for about two weeks, if that. Ladies proceed with caution and do not waste your time!! I’m using this platform in hopes any women who search his name are now aware of the Verbal abuse you’ll receive at the hands of this BOY.