Antoinette Raye Garcia Cheaters

Antoinette Raye Garcia – Los Angeles, California

Everything about her is a lie. She fakes pregnancies, lies about what she does for work and even her education (she didn’t graduate college or university). She claims she has a job, but if you try to visit her at work you’ll find she isn’t there… she’ll come up with lame excuses and backpedal. She will charm you and loves to play the victim, but if you take off your blinders it’s not hard to see that everything is a lie. She will make you feel sorry for her and manipulate you into paying her bills, but if you stop being her human ATM she will start taking. She will steal whatever she can get her filthy little hands on—from using your credit cards without permission to stealing from your grandmother. Don’t let her into your friends or family’s homes because she will steal from them too. She’s not allowed to live at her parent’s house because she is a drunk and she has stolen from them and even her baby sisters. Oh, and don’t leave anything at her place either. It will be up on Mercari a day later. She’s always selling and pawning shit and it ain’t hers!