Anthony”sharky”Lang Minnesota

Anthony”sharky”Lang – Minnesota

This guy is the lowest of the low. I met him while on assignment at JFL hospital in St Croix Virgin Island. He seemed so nice, sweet and sincere, we dated briefly, he said he loved me, wanted to move with me to my new assignment, all of a sudden he wouldn’t answer my calls or anything and he changed his number, I tried for months to find out what happened. I searched numerous website, found him, found out that he was dating several women in the island and also some in the states. He had a baby moma in Minnesota (his married female would buy his tickets to go there) of course he said he was going to visit his adult children( whom he doesn’t even have a relationship with). This resulted in a pregnancy with this woman who also worked at the hospital & so did the married woman, Amazing! I recently emailed the baby moma to try and find out what happened, I didn’t understand why he just dumped me, we had plans, learned that they were supposedly engaged, but that he had desserted her and the child ( his son), he and his other woman had also caused her to go into pre mature labor, she said he has only seen pictures of the child. He did not even remember the baby name. he is dating like 5 r 6 women on the island, when with one he won’t answer the phone, he is seeking more and more female on social media (zooks, FB, BPM, flirt, cupid, shag a holic, etc..) he begs u to call him, with some he is bold enough to say he wants to f—. He has no intention of being faithful to anyone, the baby moma has been thru hell from the other women cause they mad she had his baby (2nd pregnancy), has like 7-8 different baby momas, communicate with the lil girl mom cause she forces it and still buys him gifts etc. An old sugar moma is adamant about getting him back, she stalks people. He will wash your car only to drive it all around and anything identifying the car as a woman’s he takes off. this guy is truly some thing different. He will not use protection, says have my baby. Likes big girls too, lies are very convincing! the women in the Island don’t mind sharing him, they claim the sex is good, but he takes pills to keep the thing working. he goes by minors bid, emo cat,shaba, magnetic luck, etc… Pictures, video of him screwing a man’s woman while he was in the house, voicemails, text, email available upon request, cause everyone is lying but him.