Anthony Pennsylvania

Anthony – Pennsylvania

Anthony Campisi who works for Ceisler media is HIV positive and has sex with children for money.He is a homosexual who does not use protection and spreads AIDS.

Anthony Kentucky

Anthony “AJ” Lucas — Louisville, Kentucky

This man is close to 30 years old and still lives at home with his mother. I should have seen that as a red flag and ran. I stupidly didn’t. AJ is abusive mentally and physically and abused me constantly. He cheated on me countless times and uses his “band” (which by the way is horrible) as an excuse on why he cheated. His bands name is End It With A Shotgun and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. He also works at Amazon and is a music promoter at a local music venue in Louisville also. He mocks and belittles women who reject him (which he admitted is a majority of women & he was so so shocked I actually gave him a chance.) and than lies to men about how he got rid of them and not the other way around. He was sexually abused by a male family member when he was younger and I guess wants to take his anger out on the world due to it. He would constantly force me to have sex with him and I’ve filed police reports on him constantly. He is a complete creep. He claims he’s “attractive” but hasn’t posted a photo in three years online because he knows he’s far from it. Last night I finally had the courage to file a report on him and get rid of the garbage. I’m free of this douchebag but need to warn others so they won’t be victimized also! Women in Kentucky and honestly anywhere beware of this loser!